About Me

Hello! I obtained both a B.S and M.S. at the University of Southern California studying Computer Science while also doing computer graphics / 3D modeling and animation with my own time / free electives.

I created this website using Ruby On Rails with the Phusion Passenger module for Apache2 on my personal Ubuntu VPS. This site showcases some of my past and current projects.


For Programming Languages, I am well-versed in Python, Java, C/C++, C#, JavaScript, and writing shaders. I also have some experience in Ruby, Lua and SQL. Technologies I know include HTML5 (Canvas, CSS, WebGL), Java Swing, svn/git and Unit Testing with Java/Python. As for software: PyCharm, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Maya and Unreal Engine. For more information, browse my portfolio and find information to contact me here.

Lancelot Knightmare Frame


Working full-time at Amazon